Day 1,650 – Thankful for Taking Advantage of Perfect Weather with Mom, Becky, & the Boys

Wow! What a perfect day of weather? The sun was out, the temperature was perfect, there was a cool breeze in the air. I think if was forced to have one specific day of weather for the rest of my life I’d be pretty ecstatic if this was the weather I had. Perfect for being outside, cool enough to not be overly hot and just hot enough to not be cold.

The plan for the middle of the day was a a perfect way to enjoy the excellent weather. Mom, Becky, the boys, & I all loaded up and drove to Interstate Park for some hiking. For a couple of hours we hiked and enjoyed some beautiful scenery. The rock formations were jaggedly awesome and reminded me of an amalgamation of so many different places we’ve been – from Devil’s Lake to Australia. We hiked up and down some of the rocks, around a lake, and amongst some cool looking natural potholes. What a beautiful park!

Even better than all of that was bonus time with Mom and my family. Sharing old memories, sharing an appreciation for the outdoors, and getting some outside time together. How perfect is that? To have it happen on such a wonderful early April day made it all the better.

The day isn’t even close to over and it’s been an awesome one.


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