Day 1,649 – Thankful for a Chauffeur and Sightseeing

I love the drive up to Mom’s. Much of the drive follows the Mississippi River Valley and provides some spectacular views of the Driftless area.

Most of the time I’m driving. My eyes definitely wander off the road and I get to see some of the views, but most of my focus stays straight ahead. When Becky drives I’m usually focused on something else – like typing a blog.

Today has been a very pleasant change! I’ve got a chauffeur – and it’s not Becky. She’s sitting behind me reading a paper for work. I’m chilling in the passenger seat taking on the views, jotting down my backpacking list, and typing this blog. Having the opportunity to spend much of my time sightseeing has been awesome! There have been more than a few things that I had not really noticed in the past. It’s kind of like getting a tour of the area.

This dude is driving us the entire two plus hours!

Having Dominic drive today has been pretty sweet! Sure, there’s been a little added stress of a different flavor, but it’s well worth not driving. I might get used to this more quickly than I’d expected.


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