Day 1,648 – Thankful for Becky Seeing an Opportunity

Dominic’s soccer game tonight started at 5:45. Becky and I drove over separately as I wanted to watch some of the varsity game before Dominic’s JV match. When I got to the field I quickly realized that the seating that parents usually sit in for soccer games was in the shade. The temperature outside was a little chilly, so much that I was wearing a winter jacket. Sitting in the shade was even more cool. When I looked across the soccer pitch I saw the other bleachers on the other side. They were shining bright in the sun. I gazed longingly at them and kept thinking about how lucky they were to be in the sun. For a second I wished I was sitting on that side soaking in the rays, but I knew I should probably stay on the proper side. I huddles back into my jacket and watched the game.

When Becky got to the game she sat down beside me. In less than five minutes she said, “why are we sitting over here when the sun is over there? Let’s sit over there instead.” And off we went! By the time we got to the other side of the field I would’ve swore it was 10-15 degrees warmer! Sitting directly in the sun felt exquisite and I just sat there basking in it and not caring about anything in the world. Throughout the entire game I’d occasionally see the rest of the crowd in the shadows of the soccer field while we sat in the borderline hot sunlight. It was wild!

Tonight I’m thankful for Becky’s ability to see an opportunity that my brain saw but blocked out quickly. She took action and I’m glad she did! The game was so much more pleasant to watch while sitting in the sunlight. It reminded me of the scene in Men In Black when Will Smith’s character makes himself comfortable in the intentionally uncomfortable testing room. She didn’t see obstacles, she saw an opportunity. What an awesome reminder for me to remember for later.


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