Day 1,654 – Thankful for Milestone Moments, Dominic’s Confirmation

Tonight was Dominic’s confirmation. After many years of Sunday school and Wednesday night churches Dominic has reached the end of one segment of his spiritual journey and is now starting another. While I could also go more in depth into the reasons I am thankful for his confirmation itself tonight just really hit me as one of those milestone moments in our lives.

Just eight years ago we got this picture of him hanging out with his Grandpa Pete after his first communion:

and here we are tonight, eight impossibly short years later…

My mind is blown with how much Dominic has grown, matured, and changed in what seems like the blink of an eye. I was so proud of him back then and had no idea how much more proud of him I would become with each passing day.

Milestone moments like Dominic’s confirmation are such special occasions to pause and reflect on the passing of time. So many memories rushing back to my brain. My mind is also blown thinking of how many more milestones we have ahead in which this will become one which is remembered as if it were yesterday in the passing decades.


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