Day 1,621 – Thankful for Podcasts and Mental Bread Crumbs

Lots of driving today. Hours and hours. Well worth it for where we’d been. Well worth it for where we were going. All went well on the drive and we arrived safe and sound.

Something that really helped to not only pass the time but kept my brain going a thousand miles per hour was a steady diet of podcasts. Relatively short segments of learning certain topics. Amongst my favorites were a handful of Star Talk by Neil Degrasse Tyson focused on some pretty wild physics concepts. there were also a few wildly thought provoking others as well. Finding a way to keep the entire family learning while driving was pretty awesome.

Another thing I’m thankful for today are mental bread crumbs. What do I mean by those? Things like this pic from yesterday:

I snapped this pic on our hike yesterday. Without fail, at some point in the future I’ll stumble across it in my photos. I’ll pause and stare at it. I’ll read it and remember where, when, and why I took it. I’ll smile and re-live the mindset I was in when I took the picture.

This works not only with pictures, but with other random notes and quotes and thoughts saved in one of a variety of different formats including apps and paper. Today I stumbled across a quote from Walden that made me think and smile. On an almost daily basis I’ll run across a mental bread crumb or two. days like today I’m reminded of how thankful I am for the moments when I take time to leave them as well.


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