Day 1,622 – Thankful for Memories of an Incredibly Serene Evening

Way back in late July / almost August 2019 my Express Leadership Academy cohorts and I met in St Pete’s in Florida. The last night of our awesome training was one I’ll remember for the entirety of my life.

While others had invited me to join them for dinner and a night of drinks and camaraderie I felt compelled to decline and spend some time alone. We’d had a mind blowing couple of days of training on many different topics. More than anything my brain felt like it needed time to process all the information it had just taken in. I politely declined and opted for my own Plan B.

I ordered an early dinner via room service. After a great meal in my room in silence I put in my ear buds and went outside to the beach.

While sitting on a chair on the beach I watched what was one of the single most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever watched in my life. In my ears I heard the album “Sleep” by Max Richter. When the entire experience was complete I had a mind blowing sunset crossed with a wildly peaceful musical album with a side of solitude. This mix combined to create what was one of the most profoundly serene and peaceful moments of my entire life.

Almost two years later when I hear that album I think back to that time on the beach. When I have a feeling of deep peace I think back to this time alone on the beach. When I know I need to slow down and relax I think of my time on the beach. Two years later that moment of wonderful serenity is tattooed into my psyche.

Over the past few days that moment on the beach has come to mind several times. The instantaneous peace that comes to my soul is nothing short of beautiful. It was a moment in time when I remembered to stop and just listen to life and all it had to say without using words. It reminds me to enjoy those wildly beautiful moments of life and to appreciate the moments of perfect serenity in life.


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