Day 1,620 – Thankful for Visiting National Park #30

Number one on my dream list is to visit all the National Parks with Becky. Prior to this morning we’d had visited 29 of the 63 parks. Late this afternoon we knocked out #30 – Hot Springs National Park.

While this wasn’t the craziest or most scenic parks we’ve been too it was pretty wild to visit. The trails were completely quiet and peaceful with only a couple of other people on them. The hot springs are very interesting to see and put our hands and feet into.

One of the other parts I’m really liking about this National Park is that one of the old bathhouses that is technically in the National Park has been converted to a brewery – with beer take out! Whoever would’ve thought that beer made in a National Park made with natural hot spring water would be so delicious?

Seriously, this visit has been an awesome double whammy. First, we’re one step closer to a lifelong goal, something that’s always worth celebrating. Second, we created many memories as a family doing something we love doing together – the something that makes the dream even more worthwhile and meaningful.


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