Day 1,577 – Thankful for All the Stuff on the List Today

Days like today are amongst my favorites. For the past several minutes I’ve been sitting on the couch with my laptop ready to go. I’ve had the same blank screen staring me down for a few minutes while I think back throughout the day. My mind has been racing with many different things I’m grateful for today and I feel like my brain is spinning the the roulette wheel to see which gratitude I land on. In rapid fire session, here are some of the contenders:

  • Morning routines, habit stacking, and intentionality: This morning I started the day by reading my one page Stoic focus point for the day. The interesting thing was that it was talking about the power of morning routine! After reading that and closing my eyes to think on it for a moment I reached for my phone and reviewed my values and 2021 framework. I then went into a different note and read my updated dream list – which is now up to 34 and growing. By starting my day with this routine I’m reminding myself to focus on what’s most important first and priming my brain to be actively thinking about my dreams, goals, and ways I can best live into myself.
  • High energy, upbeat, and positive people: The energy of others can be totally infectious. Today I’m thankful for so many people in my life who’s attitudes, spirits, and positivity amplify my energy and emotions. To all of you who put a smile on my face today – thank you!
  • A Walk In the Sun: One of the benefits of working from the home office today was midday walk over lunch with Becky, Gavin, and the dogs. As luck would have it the sun was out and getting a combination of fresh air, exercise, and sun powered me to a very productive afternoon.
  • Flexing into strengths: My afternoon was largely spent in a couple of arenas that fit my strengths. One was a great client call focused on ways we will be working together the year. The other was finding ways to find, interpret, put meaning to, and then prepare workforce data into a useful tool for helping businesses attract and retain better employees. Living into a strong sense of purpose felt great.
  • Cooking supper: With the music on and the boys helping me cooking supper was a lot of fun! It may not have been the most gourmet meal ever, but there was a deep satisfaction in taking on a project, focusing 100% on it, and seeing it through to completion.
  • My weekend To Do list: Yes, I’m actually almost giddy to start knocking things off of my to do list this weekend. There’s nothing crazy complex nor anything exceedingly fun. That said, I’ve got a list of many small tasks to knock out and I’m excited to spend the day powering through.
  • Blogging to wrap up my day: Spending time thinking about today has me smiling even bigger than I have been through most of the day!

LOL – so… what am I thankful for today? All of the stuff! Yup, I’m totally going there today. I’m thankful for all of the stuff today. It’s been an awesome day and thank you again to everyone who had a positive impact on it!!!


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