Day 1,578 – Thankful for Glacier National Park

My jaw is still sitting on the floor in shock. After doing some quick research I found something that blew my mind. I have no idea how in the world I’ve made it 1,943 straight days of blogging without being thankful for one of my favorite National Parks!

Supper tonight was a bit unusual. Gavin was online with a buddy so the rest of us ate supper in the living room. I figured I’d fire up something on the TV for us to watch while we ate. After a couple of quick clicks on the remote we were watching a documentary on Glacier National Park. Watching the video brought up some great memories of our trips out there. Becky and I went out there for our honeymoon. We loved it so much we went back two years later. Eleven years later we took the boys out to the park. One of our happy places is within the epic landscapes of that awesome location.

Rather than allow my words to get in the way, here are some of the reasons I’m thankful for Glacier…


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