Day 1,576 – Thankful for Choosing How to View the “Dreadmill” and Finding Ways to Blend Dreams

Due to the weather dipping below zero this morning I opted for the “dreadmill” instead of going outside. I fired up the TV and stared at it for a minute before deciding what I wanted to watch while I ran. Instead of filling my brain with something mind numbing I went back to something I learned a few years back. With a grin I typed feverishly on the TV remote and pulled up exactly what I was looking for.

Funny how a subtle shift in attitude can make all the difference. Instead of running on the “dreadmill” I hopped aboard the “dreammill” and watched something that was a wonderful blend of several dreams I want to accomplish. Some of the themes of my dream list include:

  • Enjoying the outdoors
  • Traveling
  • Physical activity
  • Mountains

What I decided to watch while I ran was this: a video of runners participating in skyrunning.

While I was running and going absolutely nowhere my brain was blown by the sights I was seeing on the TV in front of me. People running up mountains, running on almost invisible rock strewn trails, running past mountain lakes, and then running down snow covered glaciers. I had read a little about skyrunning before, but the video really sparked my imagination. By the time my run was done I’d added a few new entries to my dream list. Seeing a combination of several of those main themes added even more joy and motivation.


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