Day 1,575 – Thankful for a Second Short Vacation to the UP

You never know just how things are going to play out, all we can do is find the best way to roll with what we’re given. Becky had a perfect idea a few months ago when it became clear that COVID wasn’t going to be solved anytime soon. Figuring we all love the UP why not head back up even though we’d been up there only several months ago?

Ever since one of my first college search trips I’ve felt a pull to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My first drive up there was marked by the sight of a bald eagle sitting only feet off the road eating a deer. When I hit the brakes and turned around for a second look the eagle only glanced my way and went back to feeding with only two lanes of highway separating us. The landscape, the wildlife, the rock formations, the forests… the place just feels like home. There’s something about the place that brings a deep level of serenity to my soul.

The majority of my time in the UP has been spent there during summer and fall. Being up there to appreciate the winter was particularly awesome and added even more depth to my appreciation of the area. The side by side comparison of one of the waterfalls below shows how there is beauty to be found in all seasons up north:

After this weekend I can’t help but get even more excited for our next trip to the UP next summer. Who knows, may be there’s another long weekend or two in our future too!


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