Day 1,571 – Thankful for Learning to Drive In the Snow In Northern Wisconsin

Driving through a snowstorm on lightly traveled snow covered roads can either be a nightmare or oddly peaceful and serene. Outside of being stuck behind a couple of people who certainly were seeing it as the former I was largely in the latter. When everything else is dark and the only color is the bright white of fresh snow in my headlights it can be a very awesome sight indeed. Everything takes on a black and white kind of feel. The little flashes of color – the vibrant yellow of a highway sign – seem to pop all the greater. Being surrounded by snow covered forest on either side add a comforting and warming sensation to the setting.

While I’m thankful for the peacefulness of winter driving like that what I’m even more thankful for is growing up in northern Wisconsin and learning to be comfortable and confident while driving in snowy conditions. The roads weren’t always plowed right away. Dad used to show Nick and I how the truck could fishtail in the now. One time I still remember him spinning us in an almost complete 360!

While it may not have been the safest thing ever, I remember often taking advantage of being on a quiet snow covered road or an empty parking lot and seeing just how the snow handled. Picking up speed, hitting the gas, turning the wheel hard, figuring out how to correct when owing control. At the time it was 100% curiosity and fun, now when I look back I see it as some excellent practice. Thanks to growing up driving in snow I’m able to take a deep breath and chill (pun totally intended) while enjoying the beauty around me.


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