Day 1,570 – Thankful for a History Lesson, an Outdoor Story, and Dream Fuel Rolled Into One Book

A few weeks ago I was wrapping up the second listen of Jim Collins on the Tim Ferriss podcast. When it was done I had intended to listen to a different one of Tim’s podcasts but somehow I’d screwed up and it wasn’t downloaded. As luck would have it there was one more podcast downloaded to my phone, but it was with some dude I’d never heard of. Seeing as I’ve yet to be disappointed with a Ferriss podcast I fired it up and listened to some dude named Steven Rinella.

How I hadn’t heard of Steven Rinella yet still leaves me shaking my head. Since listening to the podcast he’s come up in no less than four conversations. Rinella is an incredible outdoorsman, hunter, conservationist, survivalist (the practical kind, not the apocalyptic kind), and writer. After grooving on what he discussed in the podcast I pulled him up in Audible and downloaded one of his books, American Buffalo, In Search of a Lost Icon.

A story about one of my favorite animals, Alaska, the outdoors, and some science and history thrown in for good measure? Yes please! In just the first half dozen chapters I’ve learned a lot and have become very hooked. While running some errands tonight Gavin asked me to fire it up so he could listen as well and was very much quickly interested.

There’s a long ways to go, but I’m already grateful for picking this book up. It’s got my brain going in overdrive in a variety of directions and my urge to get back up to Alaska has never grown stronger. I love books like this that are focused in the headspace I’m already in. They amp up my energy, fuel more wild dreams, and are an excellent source of knowledge and wisdom.


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