Day 1,572 – Thankful for Going Into the Woods and Snowshoeing with Becky

This morning Becky and I hit the trails for some snowshoeing and enjoyed some quiet time in a true winter wonderland.

There is a deep level of stillness to be had in the middle of the woods on a snow covered day that no words could ever truly explain. All the sounds of the world are muffled by the layer of snow on the ground. All the colors are amplified by the bright white of the snow. The air seems so much more dense and fulfilling in the cold. The lack of people around leaves me feeling like we’re alone in the Alaskan wilderness.

There is no stress. There is no time. There are no demands. There is only us in the moment exploring the beauty of nature. From bent and curvy trees to juts of rocky outcropping to curtains of ice draping over the entrances of caves the entire landscape is magical in so many ways.

As if all of this could not get any better… I was able to experience all of this with Becky.

I am grateful for this opportunity to snowshoe in the UP and enjoy going into the woods with Becky.


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