Day 1,544 – Thankful for Spontaneous Christmas Caroling at the La Crosse Post Office and the Gentleman Who Created a Profoundly Emotional Memory

After dropping Dominic off at the ski hill this morning I stopped off at the post office. Even though the postal workers were cruising through customers very rapidly there was still a substantial line. Everyone was being totally chill, giving space, and there were a lot of smiles (everyone was wearing masks, but now that we’re all getting used to recognizing “eye smiles” you know what I mean). One thing was a little off that I didn’t quite notice right away… it was crazy quiet in there. No music and no one was talking, it was almost completely silent.

From behind me I heard someone come in and start joking around with the person in front of them. They were obviously smiling and in a cheerful mood and started talking about where the line should go to help everyone feel more comfortable. I smiled to myself and was immediately grateful for their cheerfulness on a dreary morning while waiting in line. Within seconds I was thinking about possibly blogging about being thankful for his cheerful spirit.

And that’s when something happened that was out of a movie.

“It’s way to quiet in here… Who’s up for some Christmas carols?”

Before anyone could say no the same individual burst into song!

“We wish you a merry Christmas…”

Before he got to “merry” another person jumped in. By the time “Christmas” finished almost everyone in the post office was singing along with him. It was like a scene right out of a movie!

Yes, thanks to the mask I was playing the role of the dad from Elf and was mouthing along. Quite honestly, I was mouthing as I didn’t trust myself to maintain my composure if I started to sing. I was already battling “the feels” thanks to to the emotions fo a post office full of people singing together.

I’m so thankful for the person who started the singing. Many years ago one of my favorite pastors made the comment “God takes action and moves through people in the form of the Holy Spirit.” For some readers I know this will sound crazy, but there was a presence of something greater than the people in the building with all of us in that moment.

In that moment there were no political parties, different economic classes, different skin colors, or anything. There was no COVID, there was no unrest, there was no hate. There were only people sharing a moment full of peace and love together. The overwhelming feeling of joy was palpable. I wish I could describe it better, but that’s really it. The entire room was filled with love.

To think, a situation that usually causes frustration became a moment which had a profound impact on my soul which I’ll never forget. The part that has stuck with me all day is that there is no reason why I didn’t start the singing. How often could I have helped create a moment like that for others if I would’ve put my ego aside and thought of how to raise up others? How often have I added to the negativity of a difficult situation as opposed to creating a moment of overwhelming love? When confronted with a line in the true how will I respond – with quiet repose as I did today or with the singing, joy, and zeal of the gentleman who created a moment forever embedded in my heart? I hope to stay strong and be the light as he chose to be today.


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