Day 1,543 – Thankful for the Joy of Friends, Joy of Others’ Passions, Living Into Purpose, Smoked Old Fashioneds, and a Completely Unexpected Thank You Letter

Today is one in which I’m thankful for pausing to be thankful. There have been moments in my day when I’ve felt a little down. Nothing awful or anything, just a light dose of dissatisfaction for zero good reason whatsoever. Kind of like the changing of the seasons or lack of light – nothing brought due to work, family, friends, or life – just like I need a little more sunlight or something. What’s been interesting is that whenever that feeling has crept up it’s been gratitude that has swatted that subtle “off-ness” away.

What was I grateful for that helped raise my spirits? I thought you’d never ask 😉

All day long I’ve smiled as I thought of an incredible social media experience a good friend recently had. Great things happen to great people, especially when they need them most. Kelsey’s favorite band played a song specifically for her yesterday – how awesome is that??? The song itself is incredibly symbolic and a virtually perfect 2020 theme – Hang On by Guster.

Today was the first day of snowboarding season for Dominic. It was awesome to see how excited he was for the opportunity to get out on the hill and do what he’s been looking forward to for the past 10 months or so. The joy he radiated has had me smiling all day and I’m grateful for his opportunity to do something he loves.

Work was pretty awesome today for many reasons. There was an excellent sales success, some great teammate successes, and it was a day filled with the feeling of positive progress. While I don’t want to get into too many details I felt like I was living into my purpose on several occasions and I’m thankful for that feeling.

Becky pointed out a Facebook post one of our favorite old haunts had put up. La Cave at La Chateau downtown is by far and away one of my favorite places to hang out when there’s not a pandemic. Their smoked drinks are mind-blowing. Picking one up for home tonight has had me smiling (and I’ve only had a little so far!). I’m grateful for a little smoky taste of normalcy.

When someone shares their gratitude it’s a pretty awesome thing. Completely out of the blue and totally unprompted came a letter from someone I’ve known for many years. The letter shared how grateful they are for the impact I’ve had on their life. Let’s just say there may have been a little awesome leaking out of my eyes when I read it. That letter will be saved and pulled back out in those moments when I need a pick me up. I’m incredibly grateful for those kind words and can’t begin to express just how full it made my heart today.

So many moments of gratitude to combat a slightly off day. How awesome is that? I am thankful for each and every person who had such a positive impact on me today, thank you for keeping me in a good mood!


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