Day 1,545 – Thankful for a Cold Shower Jam Session Setting the Tone for the Day

I stayed up way later than normal last night to watch a movie with Gavin. Needless to say I slept in later than usual this morning. After getting out of bed Becky and I made the plan of hitting the grocery store before it got busy. I made the bed and then hopped in the shower.

Switching from scalding hot water after a minute or so to cold water for the remaining several minutes of the shower still takes a bit of willpower. Even though I love the sensation of the cold shower it still takes a little focus to talk myself into it. Listening to the right music really helps. I fired up a song I’d really enjoyed on Pandora yesterday and got to it.

As the song Shots (Broiler Remix) by Imagine Dragons (check it out here if you’d like it as background music while you read this) blasted from my iPhone I started moving and grooving in the cold water. My body flipped from hot to freezing and I could feel the endorphins kick in as I gasped. Within a couple of seconds I went from frozen shock to having a cold water jam session loaded up with a 100% natural high. Who ever would’ve thought I could have so much fun in a cold shower??? After Shots wrapped up I slid right over to Lucky by Daft Punk and got a few extra minutes of cold water blasting me.

The entire day I’ve been moving nonstop and riding that high. That cold shower jam session really set the tone for the day!


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