Day 1,529 – Thankful for Another List Kind of Day, a Day Full of Gratitude

Wow, where do I start today? There’s a ton that I’m grateful for and I’m kind of struggling to figure out a theme… hmm… I guess it’s another “List Day”! Without further ado, here’s a bunch of things I’m grateful for today, but please note that it is certainly not all encompassing. I am thankful for:

  • how quickly my body is adapting to the cold
  • talking with Becky on our run
  • not getting frustrated at myself for not having a good breathing practice today – this was a time to grow and learn to better quiet my mind
  • hot coffee
  • an awesome email that kicked off my work day with a huge smile
  • knocking off several tasks rapid fire well before 8am
  • seeing all of the smiles of my teammates
  • having the opportunity to help someone out
  • Becky’s excitement over a successful work meeting
  • a sunny walk over lunch
  • productive and enlightening conversation with a business partner
  • progress towards a project I’ve been working on for a while
  • time to think and reflect
  • running through a practice run of setting up a hammock and tarp for camping
  • packing for a mini-adventure
  • supper at the dinner table with my family
  • the smell of pine needles from the dining room as Becky makes a wreath
  • typing my blog and struggling in writing it due to too many ideas and gratitudes
  • thankful that there’s more time to be thankful for more today
  • more Australia memories including this gem of a sunrise one year ago

What an awesome day!


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