Day 1,530 – Thankful for Frosty Driving Deep in the Driftless & Memories of Past Road Trips

Huh, whoever would’ve thought that being in the middle of the woods would cause there to be a lack in cell coverage? I wrote this at about 9:30am yesterday- enjoy!

This morning we were on the road relatively early. With the sun popping up over the bluffs the frost glittered brilliantly. The fields in the coulees looked like they were littered with diamonds as we drove by. Most houses tucked along the woods had slowly rising plumes of smoke. Talk about a scene right out of a painting!

Once again I’m reminded of how grateful I am for the natural beauty of this land. Throughout all the seasons there are so many subtle changes that create seemingly different views of the same vistas. I can’t imagine living anywhere else and having such splendor (except for New Zealand and Hawai’i 😉).

On our drive we had the radio tuned in to some ‘80s & ‘90s music. When the song Better Man by Pearl Jam came on I chuckled to myself. The crystal clear memory of the very first time I heard that song popped into my head.

My friend James and I went on a road trip on a Saturday. While we headed west the station 93.7 The Edge our of The Cities started coming in loud and clear. As luck would have it they were playing the songs from the new Pearl Jam album Vitalogy for the first time – before the album dropped. The song Better Man came on and we both loved it – it was such a great sounding song! When we got back to Phillips and were gaming later that night in James’ mom’s attic we were telling the guys about the song we’d heard and how great it was.

How awesome that one song while driving can bring back great memories with friends of road trips gone by.


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