Day 1,528 – Thankful for an Awesome Gratitude Video, #GiveThanks

Sometimes The Big Dude Upstairs seems to have a little extra patience with me, something I’m eternally grateful for. There are often times when I see something and feel a pull to it, but I disregard it and figure I will get back to it some other time. When I don’t get back to it or kind of forget about it The Big Dude takes pity on me and puts it in front of me again… and again… and again… until I finally get it.

I saw this for the first time on a newsfeed talking about what a powerful statement it was. One of the people I respect greatly and look up to for many reasons, my friend Reid from Express Leadership Academy, posted the video and then started sharing his seven days of gratitude using the hashtag #GiveThanks. This past week one of my teammates sent out the video as the learning session topic for today.

After seeing all of those times I finally paused, shut everything else down, and focused on watching the video. To say I was touched greatly would be a huge understatement.

Regardless of your religious and spiritual leanings I am sure everyone would appreciate this message: This was the first time I’ve heard President Russell Nelson speak and I was greatly impressed.

Enjoy!!! I hope it warms your heart as it did mine today.


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