Day 1,527 – Thankful for Choosing to See Perfect Imperfection

Life really is about what we choose to make of it, isn’t it? Things happen, neither good nor bad, rather, they just are. The events happen and they are devoid of positive or negative connotation. They are the event and that’s it. Once it has happened it is up to us to individually apply our mindset and viewpoint to it.

This morning was very much imperfect. Several things did not go according to plan. Systems issues, twists and turns, unexpected things. At one point I caught myself getting frustrated and just about screamed to myself. Instead I laughed.

How foolish to let the imperfection of life frustrate me? I am alive, would I rather spend time enjoying it and being grateful for the opportunity to exist in it or would I prefer to get frustrated, nervous, and worked up over something that has already happened?

To be sure, in either case there is the action of correcting the situation as best as possible, that doesn’t change. What I’ve learned about myself is that I will take more time and be more drained if I focus on the negative. If I pause, find a way to be grateful, and view the imperfection as an opportunity to learn and grow I can accomplish so much more and more quickly.

Many things have not gone as planned in 2020. How’s that for the understatement of the year? đŸ˜‰ That said, I am thankful for the opportunity to live through it. In choosing to see the perfect imperfection of it I’ve learned more about myself than I would’ve learned through an easy year. Last year we travelled a lot and had so many experiences away from home. This year has been completely opposite. It would be easy to get frustrated and angry and to view this as a bad year, but it’s actually been a beautiful year in so many unexpected ways. The imperfection of the year has been perfect. It has been life and I’ve been here to experience it – what could be more perfect?

When things don’t go as planned I need to remember to take a deep breath and find the beauty in the perfect imperfection of life. The twists and turns may not necessarily be the most comfortable, but they lead me to being a better version of me if I choose to appreciate them as such.

Last year this was our view as we rode the ferry back to Sydney… such great memories!


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