Day 1,401 – Thankful for Alone Time with Each Family Member Throughout the Day

Throughout COVID we’ve seen a lot of time together as a family. Bike rides, hiking, traveling, walking, playing games, eating, chilling, and so on. It’s been great to have so much time together as an entire family.

Today was a little different in a cool kind of way. I had one on one time with each family member when it was just the two of us. Becky and I had fun on our run this morning and even found a way to make grocery shopping fun. I ran Gavin to Scout Camp for Merit Badge Day and had a great conversation with him. Dominic and I ran a couple of errands in Onalaska with just the two of us. I had time alone with each person.

Not from today 😉

And that’s what I’m so thankful for today. Family time together in a big group is great and gives us a chance to bond as a family. Family time together alone allows us time to strengthen the individual bonds between each of us. Strengthening those bonds makes the bonds of our entire family even stronger. Today had a beautiful balance of time alone and together.


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