Day 1,402 – Thankful for Enjoying the Drive, SUP Yoga with Dominic, and an Iconic Wisconsin Summer Sky

I was on the road early this morning on my way to up to Eau Claire for work. It’s been a little while since I’d last been up there in person. With the weeks between I found myself enjoying the ride up there. In the car I found quiet time without the radio on, time to think and relax. Seeing the beautiful scenery on the way was great and I was quickly reminded why I take the route I do. Only 4 or 5 months ago I would typically not find myself grateful for the “opportunity” to make the drive. Perspective truly is everything, isn’t it?

Tonight we took Dominic to Stand Up Paddle Board yoga for the first time. What an awesome experience that was! The two of us were chasing each other around on the boards and lightheartedly attempting to knock each other off. I may have taught him the trick of knocking someone’s anchor off the board without them realizing it 😉 Before the yoga even started we were both giggling away and enjoying the time together.

Definitely not from today 🙂

During class we continued to harass each other in our “yoga” voices. I would occasionally splash water on him while he was turned away. He’d make some huge waves while I was in a balance posture. It was so much fun. While it wasn’t the traditional yoga experience it was definitely a father and son experience I appreciate greatly. Sharing something we love with him was great, spending time with him was amazing. I’m so glad he was open minded to attending with us!

One other quick note of gratitude. In final rest while laying flat on my back I couldn’t help but keep my eyes open. Above me was about one of the most beautiful cloudy skies I’ve ever witnessed. The clouds were perfect whips in the air. In one spot they almost swirled into a spiraling shape. It was about as iconic of a Wisconsin summer sky as I could ever dream up.


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