Day 1,395 – Thankful for Another Lesson in Perspective; My Gas Grill

Earlier this evening I went to fire up our grill. Chicken on the grill was going to be supper. Then we ran into a little issue. Turns out propane grills don’t work out so well when the gas tank is empty.

Of course I was frustrated for a moment. This was not what I’d had planned. Very quickly I realized that we’d run out of gas at some point while grilling earlier in the week. There had been just enough gas and residual heat to keep the food cooking until it reached its required temperature. How lucky is that? I’d much rather to run to the store before cooking than get about mid-way through the grilling process and then realize that the gas was out. I also realized that we’ve run out of propane more in the past few months than we have over the past couple of years. The grill is running great, there’s no leaks. What made me pause and smile was the realization that we’ve been grilling more than ever over these past months. We are huge fans of grilling in our house and with the extra time we’ve had we’ve been able to fire up our meals outside more often than normal. In an instant I started thinking back to so many of the meals we’ve made on the grill this year. No longer was I frustrated, I was smiling.

While I drove to the store I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I realized yet again how much of an impact perspective is. The same event caused both frustration and chuckles of gratitude. How crazy is that? The only thing that changed to move from one emotion to the other was my perspective. Another great reminder for myself to pause and remember to choose my perspective, especially when I am frustrated.


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