Day 1,396 – Thankful for a Hiking Date Night and a Ride Home From Scout Camp

Becky had an outstanding idea for our night before we picked up the boys from Scout camp. After an early-ish dinner we headed out to hike the quarry trail on top of the bluffs.

It’s a trail we usually do a few times each year, but typically we do it in the spring or fall. We opted for a side trail that we’d never noticed. There was a field full of wildflowers there was a cool little birch forest. After the trail wound back to the parking lot we went back around on the normal trail. On our way back up we ran into an old friend from yoga and had a wonderful time catching up seeing as we haven’t run into her in a while. We even had some fun joking around at the same rock that we’ve taken many pictures of our boys on.

I am so thankful for the time the two of us had tonight. It was great having time to ourselves to shoot the bull and enjoy nature. We both love this area and spending time outdoors, tonight was one of those moments when I was doing something I love with someone I love who loves doing the same thing. Having quite time in nature chilling with Becky while walking was about as perfect as it gets… Especially when she acts like a big dork sometimes like I’ve been known to do! Watching her ham it up on the rock had me laughing! Another reason we get along so well 😀

After our hiking date we drove up to Camp Deborah to pick the boys up from their week at Scout Camp. Our entire family is incredibly grateful for the Council finding a way to keep camp on while following social distancing guidelines. This was an oasis of relatively normal that our boys definitely needed.

The ride home with them was AWESOME!!! They were talking nonstop about all of the fun they had and their experiences. It was so easy to see that the boys had an excellent time. Hearing about all their fun had Becky and I smiling from ear to ear. There’s not much better in life than knowing my boy had a wonderful time like this. The ride home with them was another moment I’m truly grateful for.


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