Day 1,394 – Thankful for Ripples On the Water and In Life

What an incredible and fulfilling day it has been. Throughout the day my mind has caught itself thinking of so many things I’ve been grateful for. I’m skipping the title of tonight’s post as it seems to shift from one topic to another in my head, I’m going to give it the air it needs to breathe tonight and see where it leads. Quite honestly, that’s probably what I should be blogging about; the nights when I use my blog as a way to let my soul wander a bit as it reflects on portions of the day and my life. Hmm… I might have to save that one for another day.

Becky and I went out to Stand Up Paddle Board yoga tonight. Everything in the world seems to move a little slower and appears a little more clear when practicing yoga, especially on the water. While holding various poses my eyes kept drifting to the beauty of the water around me. There was just enough wind to keep the water from being still and yet not enough to cause any sharp edges to the little waves. It was that perfect point when the water shimmers like quicksilver. The clouds covered most of the sky but not all and let just enough light through to add even more of a mystical quality to the glimmer of the ripples.

All my life my eyes have been drawn to waves, ripples, and other surface water patterns. There’s a peace to be found in them, not too different than staring into a campfire at night. Watching the way they move seemingly randomly and yet with a pattern that seems like you can almost see quiets my mind in a very unique way.

The vacations I enjoy most often involve mountains, rocky formations, and so on. Why would they not be amongst the favorites? They’re towering behemoths that dominate the surrounding landscape. What’s interesting though is when I really stop to think about it the areas that are really my “happy places” are where there’s a combination those magnificent rocky structures AND water. The combination of both elements makes all the difference. It could be a waterfall, a glacial lake, a peaceful stream, or an endless ocean, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is just how driven to the water I am.

But I digress. In our yoga class my brain was torn between thinking of the other places I’ve seen waters like this and being in the moment and enjoying the beauty of the water around me. It was so calming once I focused on the present. In that moment I knew I was going to write my blog about being thankful for water, specifically rippling water.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing a 30 day “digital declutter.” This is when I would take out all unnecessary electronics out of my life for 30 days in order to determine which ones I truly miss and which ones have become unnecessary habits. To start warming myself up to the idea I’ve largely stayed off my phone for fun today. Becky said I should really break from the “phone fast” in order to check out a post our wonderful friend Kelsey tagged me in. Boy am I glad I did!

The video is a touchingly beautiful reminder to all of us to LIVE while we’re alive and to be thankful for every moment of our lives, even the ones in which we suffer. We only have so much life to live, why would we ever waste it and not appreciate each and every precious second of it? The video left my eyes a little misty and my heart full. It also reminded me of a beautiful story about Dad that I learned the morning of his funeral. For the sake of time and emotion I’ll save that for another day.

What caught my attention was how similar our lives are to the water I was enjoying so much. We are all one people and we all have the ability to have a positive impact on others. When we act with kindness, love, positivity, joy, and gratitude we cause ripples in the lives of others. I was the beneficiary of several many of those ripples today. The positivity, kindness, and joy of others made profound ripples in my life today in many ways. They motivate me to pause and consider if I am creating similar positive ripples. Am I living my life in a way that it will ripple with positivity, love, and gratitude for others? The ripples of others brought me so much joy today. How can I better live my life to move their ripples forward for others, to honor what they’ve given me by giving it to others? This is something my mind will focus on often over the next few days.

Our priest shared a beautiful story a few weeks ago about sharing positivity with others. He told of someone giving water from a tap to someone who was thirsty. To the person offering up the water it was no big deal. To the person dying of thirst it meant life or death. When we live a joyous life we spread ripples of love and joy to others. While sometimes we may think nothing of it we also must keep the mindset that those ripples may sometimes land upon someone who is dying for the feel of love and joy.

This picture was so perfectly fitting for today’s blog in so many beautiful ways.

To everyone who let their positive, kind, loving ripples wash over me today, thank you from the bottom of my heart. My day was more joyful and full of love thanks to you. Some of the ripples we kind words. Others were laughs, smiles, jokes, or attention. Thank you all so much for filling my day, I will do my best to pass your ripples on to others.


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