Day 1,393 – Thankful for Planning, Cooking, and Eating, and Cleaning Together

Chorizo and almond crusted halibut.

Grilled taco salad with roasted onions, red peppers, and hearts of romaine.

Tomato basil turkey burgers with pistachio pesto.

Not too shabby of eating since the boys have been gone! Becky and I went back to an old cookbook I’d picked up a few years ago for some recipes. The more we cruised through it the more ideas we came up with for future meals. The cookbook has many paleo recipes that work very well with helping to cut back on the gluten / sugar consumed in our house. Do we follow it perfectly? Oh no, I love my cheese way too much to consider giving it up. That said, there are some tasty dishes in this book!

What I’m most thankful for today isn’t the book or the recipes itself, rather the enjoyment we’ve had cooking, eating, and cleaning together. I’m so thankful for this extra time to have more opportunity to cook a meal like this than to slap something together for the sake of having it ready to eat in two minutes before we head out to take someone to soccer and then head home to clean up quick before heading out on the next errand. These past couple of days have been just Becky and I cooking together, but the past weeks have included the boys in many of the meals as well.

We have more time to enjoy making delicious (& often but not always healthy) meals together. We have more time to enjoy eating together as a family. Heck, we’ve even all cleaned together in various combinations and have had fun doing it! I’m so thankful for taking advantage of this opportunity to cook and create together.


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