Day 1,280 – Thankful for the Friction Between the Security of Normalcy and the Possibilities of the Unknown

What a wild day it’s been! Nonstop twists and turns. It started off with the normal, an incredible peaceful and serene morning run. Throughout the day there were moments unlike any before as the chaos of COVID-19 seems to pop out from around almost every corner. Such an interesting day filled with normalcy and the unknown; both co-existing unlike anytime I can remember.

The way I see it, there are three options I can choose from. Thanks to the beauty of free will I’m able to choose whichever I’d like and then accept the consequences and rewards of each. Today I really saw the three options more clearly than ever.

I can focus on maintaining normal as best I can. I can be overly optimistic and positive and ignore the wild changes this virus has created. Yes, I’d totally enjoy living in a fantasy land, but I could do my best to live life normal and curl up in the warm blanket of the known. Odds are I’d have moments of happiness in doing the same things I’ve always done, but there would most definitely be things outside the norm that would drive me either bonkers or into a state of deep depression.

I can go with the flow, kick the known and the same old to the curb and go with the wild whirling dervish of change. Toss aside all the things I’ve been used to and become one with the constant chaos and upheaval of tradition. It would so freeing and liberating to be able to go in a completely different direction… but then I’d also have to set aside all the things that have gotten me to this point. All the tools and routines that have helped me be successful. Where would it all stop? At some point it would almost be like change for the sake of change. With no stability I am sure I’d slowly drift out of control and away from my goals.

So far neither option quite seems to fit, but that’s where today comes in. There were time in which I had to realize that I may need to let go of doing things certain ways because they’ve been successful in the past. The world has changed and I need to change with the times. On the flip side, there are com some concepts which are almost always the right answer; they just need to be deployed differently. In the face of constant change the right answer is sometimes found in drawing from the past.

It’s in third option that I found joy today. The changes left me feeling liberated to try new things. My foundation of past normalcy helped guide my responses in the chaos. Throughout the day there was this beautiful friction between chaos and normalcy. In the friction between willingness to change and holding onto the normal were many new solutions that were the best parts of both. Without that strain between them I wouldn’t have found what appear to be some of the correct answers.


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