Day 1,279 – Thankful for Glimpses of Humanness and an Answer From Dad

There are so many people I look up to for many reasons.  When thinking of each there are many moments in which I see their successes and am inspired.  These are the moments that “made them,” so to speak.  Many of us have heard of the stories of their greatness, incredible works, and career highlights.  We’ve heard of the miracles they’ve performed, the lives they’ve saved, and the ways they’ve changed the world.  I can’t help but be motivated and inspired by them in those moments.

At “home church” today we heard the story of Jesus and Lazarus.  As a lifelong Christian I’m sure I have heard that story well over a hundred times.  It’s one of the stories we hear every Easter season and is often quoted as one of the great things Jesus did.  For some reason something hit me a little differently today.  I didn’t realize just how the story showed a “human” moment of weakness in a couple of ways.

In that moment and in others like it I am so thankful to see the humanness of Jesus.  There’s something about seeing a bit of human weakness that helps me feel closer to Him.  One of my favorite stories is coming up very soon; when He prays in the garden of Gethsemane.  Instead of being the completely perfect being there is a moment when we see that even God in the flesh of man has a moment of human weakness.  It helps me understand that when I make a mistake it’s not the end of the world, how I respond to it is what is important.  There isn’t an expectation of living perfection, it’s not realistic.  By following the teaching of Jesus I can live closer to who I am called to be.  In seeing His moments of weakness I find I can follow him more openly, willingly, and closely.

As I thought about this while on our walk and in the quiet of my workshop I realized that it is in seeing the moments of humanness from all of my heroes that my ability to connect with them increases.  When I see their frailty I can more closely relate to them.  The seem more human than the super heroes they seem to be based on their accomplishments.  I am grateful for those glimpses of humanness.


While up in my workshop I got a little stuck on something.  It was frustrating me and I tried to fix it only to make it worse.  I drew in a deep breath and happened to catch the picture of Dad, the boys, and I that hangs on the east wall of my workshop.  All I wanted to do was call him to ask him for some advice.  As I still often do, and more often in the workshop than anywhere else, I talked out loud to Dad.

“Dude, I could really use your help on this one.  How the heck do I fix this?”

After saying it I felt better already.  It was like the stress lifted a little.  I took another deep breath, rubbed my cheek, and then looked at my project again.  Within less than a minute I had an idea spark in my head.  I grabbed my clamps (one of the tools Dad taught me to use more often than I ever thought necessary) and went to work.  It worked!  How crazy is that?  I’m not sure how or where the idea came from but I’m chalking it up as an answer from Dad.  If he was around to physically answer a phone call from me today I’m positive it’s the solution he would’ve thrown my way.  What a cool way to wrap up some quality time in my shop today.



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