Day 1,278 – Thankful for a Bonus Saturday

When Becky or I have a special event coming up we usually exchange the same banter. If there’s normally a gift that someone would give or receive for the event we usually have the following exchange:

Me: What would you like for your birthday?

Becky: More time.

First off, she was very surprised when I gave her just that once. I was able to find a Time Turner from the Harry Potter movies to help her travel back in time so she could be in more than one place at once. Too bad for her it was obviously broken. 😉

For reals, that’s the one gift that I’ve realized I would like more than anything. It’s wild to pause and think about how fast live has been flying by. Odds are that I’m either at or past the halfway point which just boggles my brain.

Part of the reason it flies by is that I’m always attempting to pack more in. There is so much I want to do and experience that life can sometimes turn into a sprint. I love it and I am thankful for life like that, but sometimes it leaves me thinking about the “what if’s.”

Due to social distancing for Coronavirus my Saturday went from fully planned to completely and totally unplanned. In some ways it was like having a bonus Saturday. With zero agenda here’s a brief rundown of the day:

  • Slept in until 9 – it was glorious!
  • Breakfast and coffee with the family
  • Family walk before the rain
  • Clean all the floors in the house and rearrange some stuff
  • Relax for a little bit
  • Eat a lunch of bacon and pancakes
  • Prepare a pan of sliders for supper
  • Went up to my workshop to work on a new project
  • FaceTime with Mom and Gavin
  • Make / eat supper
  • Watch Jumani 2 with the family all snuggled up on the couch
  • Give LuLu some bonus petting
  • Chill and blog
  • Go to bed long before 10pm

On a normal Saturday in March I’d be running Dominic or Gavin somewhere while Becky ran the other elsewhere. We probably would’ve gotten up early for yoga and gone grocery shopping late in the afternoon. Most likely church at night and then crash from exhaustion. Usually have a thought nagging in my head thinking I wish I had more time in my workshop or without an agenda. Busy.

Today was a total bonus Saturday and I’m thankful for it. A day like this was more peaceful than I would’ve expected. Usually I love being crazy busy. Today I appreciated the opportunity to go my own speed all day long.


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