Day 1,277 – Thankful for the Hiking Merit Badge

I am so thankful Gavin has decided to earn the Hiking merit badge for Scouts. Of all the badges he could’ve focused on during this time of social distancing it’s pretty much spot on.

Today we knocked out his first 10 miler at Perrot State Park. Gavin’s hiking plan had to be adjusted slightly as there were many people swarming the parking lot and main trail up Brady’s Bluff. We adjusted and went on several trails that are much less known and were able to avoid the crowds. In total we only saw about half a dozen small groups on the trail and we all have each other a very wide berth.

After spending much time in the house it was so excellent to get out and spend time outside. Being lost in the beautiful bluffs with my family was awesome and just what the doctor ordered. Throw in an awesome workout (just shy of 2,000′ of elevation gain) and it was perfect.

Without the merit badge I’m sure we would’ve had several walks, but nothing like this. With the specific goals to reach it’s helping to motivate us to do more than normal. Today I’m very grateful for the Hiking merit badge, it’s been an awesome experience for the entire family!


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