Day 1,276 – Thankful for a Short Commute, Lunch with Gavin, Supper at 5pm, and a Family Walk

Today I worked from home.  It was a trippy experience and will take some getting used to.  Not spending time with either of my sets of co-workers is going to take a lot of getting used to.  Video conferencing certainly helps but it’s just not quite the same. While there are so many changes, fears, frustrations, and so on from our current situation there are a handful of bright spots.

My commute today was one fo the shortest of my entire life.  I walked about thirty feet southwest, turned, and went up a flight of stairs.  From the top step I walked about 15 feet to my workstation.  Pretty brutal, huh?  My round trip travel time today was a grand total of four minutes compared to my old normal two plus hours.  Amazing how much more time there is in a day!

I usually head out to my car to grab a bite to eat and to enjoy a bit of quiet alone.  Today was quite the opposite.  I stopped working, commuted all the way home, and spent time eating and hanging out with Gavin.  We shot the bull, played a game, and then wrapped up with plenty of time to head back up for my next conference call.  How cool to have some bonus time with him throughout the day.

Our supper consisted of leftovers so it was pretty wild to stop working, walk in the house, and eat supper at 5pm.  I kept scratching my head thinking that it must be way later than it was after we ate.  This was almost an hour earlier than normal and was another example of finding extra time in the day.


After we ate we went off for a walk as a family.  Being able to have extra time together was great!  It was also so cool to see so many other people out doing the same.  Especially on days when we don’t have our morning run I really appreciate that extra time of chilling while getting a little exercise with Becky and the boys.

I really wish we could go back to normal, but there are many things to be thankful for in the meantime.  Sometimes I need to look a little deeper for them and other times they jump right out and surprise me like today.


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