Day 1,281 – Thankful for Some Good News, The Office, and Laughter

Chalk up tonight as another time when I had started typing up a blog and then realized it was better to pitch it and go in a completely different direction.

As we started winding down for the night Becky had the idea for the two of us to chill on the couch and watch Josh Krasinski’s new YouTube show, Some Good News.  What an awesome way to start wrapping up the day.  Check it out here if you haven’t already seen it, it’s awesome!

The entire 15 minute show is focused on only good news.  That’s it.  Nothing but good news.  Talk about exactly what the doctor ordered!  During the clip he spends time with Steve Carrell, his old cast mate from The Office.  It was the 15year anniversary of The Office so they shared some great memories from the series.


Becky and I used to watch The Office every week and it is still one of our favorite shows.  After watching Some Good News we had to load up a random episode of The Office.  “The Convict” caught my eye and pretty soon we were laughing as we watched “Prison Mike” scaring the rest of the office straight.  It was awesome!

The day has been solid all around, much to be thankful for.  I’m so grateful for the way it wrapped up.  Nothing like Some Good News, The Office, and laughter to close up a day.


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