Day 1,282 – Thankful for End of Workday Walks

One of the upsides of social isolation has been the benefit of extra time in our schedule.  Usually after work we’re running the boys around and have other things going on at night.  With our calendars wide open we’ve started a new family tradition.  As soon as Becky and I are both done working for the day we go for a walk.


After a day of work it feels excellent to be able to enjoy some fresh air, stretch out my legs a bit, and spend time with the family.  It’s an excellent opportunity to slow down, take a deep breath, and connect.  Sure, the boys are usually flying past us and running circles around us in their roller blades, but we usually get some short bursts of conversation with them as well.

Getting back to real life will feel great, but there are moments of this awkward pause that I’ll continue to savor while we have the opportunity.


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