Day 1,266 – Thankful for Mental Flexibility Balanced with Mental Stability

Another day, another round of changes and updates.  At some point it’ll be interesting to look back at this time period and see just how much happened in such a short period of time.  Think about it…  it was only about 100 hours ago that the NCAA Basketball Tournament was cancelled.  In just 100 hours much of life as we know it has been tilted, stretched, flipped, bounced, and altered.

There are two opposing forces that must be very much balanced in these times of uncertainty.  We must have mental flexibility to adjust to the changes and mental stability to keep us living our core values.  They must be working in tandem in order to save our sanity and allow us to keep a positive and optimistic outlook.

Mental flexibility seems very self evident at present.  The flow of information is constantly changing and revising our direction and recommendations.  The ability to stay open minded to the shifts is our way to keep a growth mindset.  If we stay mentally stiff we will break, shatter, and most likely fall victim to anger and depression when things don’t go our way.  Maintaining our agility is the only way to be able to roll with the punches.

Mental stability is also necessary.  We must maintain our values, personalities, and humanity.  It would be so easy to go off the deep end to go off the deep end due to all the changes and be caught up in the chaos and hysteria.  Without mental stability we end up raiding the grocery store for three years worth of supplies.  All this does is continue to validate our own selfish inner demon while causing more issues for everyone else.  By keeping mentally resilient we’re able to ward off the panic and continue being the people we were meant to be.

Today I had moments of doing well in each.  Today I also had moments in which I didn’t do very well.  I will continue to pay attention to the pull between these two forces and do my best to walk the fine line.  Occasionally I’ll need to be more flexible and other times I’ll need to be more stable.  The trick will be to observe, determine which is correct, and choose to be the right one in the moment.


Tomorrow I will continue to view my actions through this lens and do my best to find the balance.  Today wasn’t perfect, but I’m thankful for the awareness of the need to balance mental flexibility and mental stability; it could make a huge difference in helping me be my normal upbeat, optimistic, and positive self.


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