Day 1,265 – Thankful for Workshop Time and Scrabble

Inside the sanctuary of my workshop there is only peace, serenity, and calm… until something doesn’t go as planned.  If I choose the right mindset I roll with the punches, joke around with Dad (yes, I still talk out loud to him in my workshop), roll up my sleeves and set myself to learning how to correct the issue.  If I’m cognizant of my mindset I can quickly get frustrated and obliterate the serenity of the shop.

Today was a beautiful day full of workshop time.  As I think about it now it may only have been a few hours, but it was exactly what my should needed.  Dominic helped out for a while.  Gavin kept me company for a while.  Becky came up to check on me a couple of times, and I had a ton of alone time as well.  It was my first time really putting the new table saw to the test and I was trying several things I’d never done before.  All of my focus was required to figure out the how and why behind what I was doing.  I was in an insanely peaceful state of flow for much of the day even though almost nothing quite worked out as planned.

By the time I shut off the lights and went in the house for dinner my soul was feeling full.  I am so appreciative of the time I have to create, learn, and work with both body and spirit in my workshop.


Another thing that really filled me up was our family game night.  When no one fired off an idea of which game to play right away I paused and thought.  Within a second I was thinking of the many eagles we saw throughout the day and I immediately said “Scrabble.”

So how the heck do eagles lead to Scrabble?  My Grandma and Grandpa Lamping used to play Scrabble with us when we were younger.  I still remember sitting around the dining room table playing with them and other family members.  My Grandpa Lamping loved eagles and when I see them I think of him.  Put those two together and it was a pretty cool combination.

As a family we busted out the same board we used to play with Grandma and Grandpa on.  There’s something so beautifully nostalgic about seeing the label stickers they’d made with Grandpa’s name on the box.  Fishing tiles out of the bag makes me smile thinking that they were touched by my grandparents so many times as they had fun as a family.

We all did really well even though at times it felt like we weren’t making much progress.  By the time it was done each of the four of us had placed ALL of our tiles, not a single remaining letter was left!  As you can most likely tell from the pictures that followed Dominic may have stolen a very sweet Triple Word Score corner from Gavin 😉  All joking aside, we had an awesome time playing with each other and forgetting about the outside world.


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