Day 1,267 – Thankful for Nine Hours of Sleep, a Beautiful Sunrise, and a Well Timed History Lesson

Two of the three are very simple and straightforward today.  The third one is all about my history lesson this morning…  from just last week!

Last night I went to bed early, slept in (until 5:40am).  It felt amazing!!!  Nine great hours of sleep was close to what I really needed.  In times of stress it is so important to keep myself healthy and sleep is one of the best ways to accomplish that.  For reals…  what an excellent reminder for me to get enough sleep!


On my way to work this morning I lucked out and happened to time the drive just right.  The sun was just about to pop up as I crested the bluff heading into Arcadia.  The sky was a beautiful red glow.  With all that is going on in the world I took an extra moment to appreciate it and soak it in.  What a reminder to appreciate the beauty of nature!

Also on my drive I took some time to get caught up on a couple of my favorite podcasts.  Over the past week I’ve had quite a bit going on and had spent more time than usual driving in silence so I could think.  When I listened to the one podcast it was like getting a mini-history lesson.  With it being just about a week old I heard about the process and build up leading to Italy’s lockdown/shelter in place.  Instead of it being news as it was when it first came out a week ago it was now an interesting piece of history.  Within a short period of time it was easy to see many parallels and start to get a better guess on what to expect next.  Whoever would’ve thought we could have a history lesson form only a week ago?

Much sleep, time to appreciate nature, and using history to help predict future events.  Three very different things, but all three that helped me navigate a day with mental stability and mental flexibility.


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