Day 1,268 – Thankful for Bright Spots; Making a New Friend, Our Team at Express HQ, and Shopping with Gavin

During the course of the day I was contacted by a local television station for a quick interview.  Based on advice from our HQ I immediately called for advice before talking with the reporter.  Before I knew it I was having a conversation with one of the most positive, upbeat, and friendly people I’ve spoken with since the world has been tilted.  When I wrote about being the light a few days back she was exactly what I was talking about.  Afterwards I sent an email thanking her for her upbeat attitude and energy.  I also mentioned that it felt like we’d been separated at birth.  Her response?  “I feel this is a ‘Step Brothers’ moment… ‘Did we just become best friends?!?!?  YUP!”  Dang, we must be related!


I’m thankful for the smile she provided me today.  Her energy was contagious and I was able to use that to keep me going at several moments throughout the day.  There’s a sales rep from another business that should be thanking her today.  When he called me and sounded all nervous I remembered how much better I felt after my conversation with her and did my best to provide the same positive and upbeat energy.

It was an incredible reminder to me of the power of a positive interaction.  Reality is pretty wild right now.  People need a source of joy.  Be the light.

Throughout the week I’ve had several calls to our Express HQ asking for help and advice.  With 800+ franchises in the Express system I can only imagine how crazy busy they’ve been over these past few days.  Each and every time I’ve talked with them they’ve been upbeat, positive, helpful, and patient.  I am so thankful for all of the stressful work they are dealing with daily to keep all of our teams running as effectively as possible.

We had a few things to grab at the grocery store tonight and Gavin decided to come along with me.  There was a definite observance of social distancing and we only touched what we had to and only after sanitizing our hands before walking into the store.  While I could almost write a complete book about the trip together let’s just say it was an eventful one!  Long story short, it was so awesome to spend time alone with Gavin.  During our time together there was no stress, no issues in the world, or anything like that.  There was only a dad and his son, two friends, hanging out and getting something accomplished while laughing constantly and doing our best to help others smile.  It was awesome and I’m so thankful for that time together.


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