Day 1,269 – Thankful for a Quiet Early Morning Run with a Dog Who Loves Running More Than Almost Anything

Due to the rain yesterday morning Becky and I didn’t do our normal run.  She hit the treadmill and I slept a little longer than normal.  This morning I decided to catch up and go for a run.  The dogs have been getting a lot more exercise than normal with the boys being home and LuLu has been showing her age a bit.  With that in mind I decided to take a very happy dog with me on the run.


As luck would have it I forgot to bring my headlamp so Skywalker and I had a beautifully peaceful, serene, and dark morning run.  As we pounded the pavement we ran along the river and enjoyed virtual quiet.

With as fast as the world has been changing our run was a beautiful reminder that everything doesn’t have to change.  The outside world didn’t matter.  All that there was in that moment was a dog, a dude, and nature.  Between the calm and the physical activity I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to completely and fully lose myself in the present moment.  It was so wonderful to feel the weight of the past week lift off my shoulders as I ran.  Seeing the smile on Skywalker’s face the whole time made it all the better.


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