Day 1,270 – Thankful for an After Work Run and Hanging Out with Friends While Practicing Social Distancing

Hello to the new normal! Whoever would’ve guessed a couple of weeks ago that we would be in a situation like this?

This morning the weather was pretty gross so we decided to sleep in and catch our run after work. Talk about a crazy change of pace! I never realized a change of approximately half a day would create such a different experience. Running in full daylight felt wonderful, getting some exercise in after work was relaxing, and getting some seemingly extra time talking with Becky was awesome. All in all I’m thankful for our post work run.

For quite some time one of my groups of friends has suggested that I do some online gaming with them. Usually after a long week of work and the boys’ activities I’m usually ready to crash early on the weekend nights. With the sudden change in our evening schedule it seems like there may be a little more time available.

Tonight was the first time I spent time hanging out with a group of friends online. It wasn’t quite the same as hanging out with them in real life (IRL from what my boys have told me). Seeing as it will be quite some time before we hang out in person it was great spending time hanging out with my friends. I’m so thankful we live in the times in which we live to have opportunities like this. What a gift to be able to hang out when we’re not able to hang out.


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