Day 1,252 – Thankful for Becky Being Home and a Night at Home Without an Agenda

My evening was much more fulfilling with Becky back home last night.  I had fun catching up with her and jumping back into our normal life.  Snuggling up with her helped me get one of my best nights of sleep in a long while.  Heck, even the Coffee Fairy showed up again and had my travel mug filled up before I got out of the shower.  How awesome is that?


For reals, I’m grateful for Becky being home.  I’m thankful for the adventure she had with her family in Hawaii and I’m thankful for the time I had with my boys while she was gone, but it’s really great having her back home with us.  Everything just feels right and complete.

There was also another odd feeling thanks to Becky tonight.  I got home and there was absolutely no agenda for me.  No rides to give (Becky drove Gavin to practice), no school events (she also took Dominic to his Spring sports meeting), and no dinner to make (she already had it cooking in the crock pot).  What that means is that I have approximately an hour of quiet time at home alone with no agenda…  Ahhh… It feels crazy having this much peace and quiet!  The couple of weeks have been so much fun.  Between work travel, time with the boys, time with friends, work, and adulting I’ve been going pretty much nonstop.  To be able to sit on the couch and just chill for a little bit before bed (and blog) is so peaceful and greatly appreciated.


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