Last night I had an awesome time catching up with some of my best friends. Several hours blew by as we shot the bull and caught up what was going on in each other’s lives. Quite often when we get together we shy away from some of the tough stuff and instead focus on joking around while we remember the “glory days.” This time around it was a very excellent balance of both serious and fun.

Rick was definitely thinking and remembered to take a few pics throughout the night. This morning I hopped on to a photo sharing site we use and reminded my friends about it. The rest of the morning was spent going through old pics of hanging out together and having a blast.

The reason I’m thankful for pictures from an excellent night with friends is related to both the great time we had together and knowing that when we go back to see the photos at some point we’ll remember how awesome that time was together. We don’t always remember to take pictures when we’re together as were so engrossed in conversation and goofing around. When we do remember they seem to perfectly capture an entire weekend in one picture that will bring back a flood of memories many times in the future. That’s flat out awesome and time well invested.

James, I took your advice and watched the preview for The Peanut Butter Falcon and I’m the movie looks amazing. What really got me though was a line in that trailer… “Friends are the family you choose.” Amen brother, I’m so thankful for the time with the family I choose last night. Knowing that we have a couple of pics to refresh our memory in future years is a great thing.


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