Day 1,253 – Thankful for Re-Written Blog Posts

Day 1,253 – Thankful for an Accidental Shuffle

When I’m commuting to work I love reading audiobooks.  It’s a great way to exercise my brain and expand my thinking while passing the time.  During the day when I’m going on shorter jaunts it’s a lot more difficult to jump in and out of the audiobook.  When I’m doing local driving I often jump to some tunes instead.

Depending on the day there’s a wide variety of music you might find me listening to.  I have a song in mind for some random reason, fire it up, turn it up, and then let it lead me into the next song.  Today I 

So scratch all that stuff above.  That was my initial blog post.  We were all chilling and doing our own things at home so I figured I’d write my post for the day.  Part way through LuLu made it very clear she needed some snuggling from me.  Shortly thereafter we opted for a game of cribbage as a family.  Next thing I knew my laptop was folded up and we were moving furniture to have some fun as a family with everyone home tonight.

While the blog post I’d started was going to go in a slightly crazy direction showing how the Shuffle function is a metaphor to life it just didn’t feel right after enjoying family time on the couch playing cribbage.  The time with my family was exactly what I needed and the additional snuggle time with LuLu was a pretty sweet bonus.  I kind of felt like either of those should’ve been what I was blogging about today….

I’m often grateful for many things throughout the day and I start a mental blog post during the day.  Sometimes it comes out as planned and other times they get completely scrapped for something else.  I could either stick with the original post but then know there was something else I should have written about or throw the half (or more) finished original and go in a different, but possibly more right direction.

Today I’m thankful for those kind of days.  How awesome to have a day when there are multiple things to be grateful for?  Sure, sometimes it can feel weird to not finish a specific writing, but that’s so secondary to the fact that I’ve already spent a chunk of time being thankful for multiple things.



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