Day 1,180 – Thankful for Keeping My Australian Cool During a Project and Laughing Loudly with Friends

I’ve been continuing to work on keeping my Australian cool for just over a week now.  While it’s been far from perfect today showed me that I’m making progress.


While working on a project (picture above isn’t it, just the most recent pic of a started project I can show) this afternoon I ran into three very different challenges I wasn’t expecting.  I’ve been trying some different types of work I haven’t done before and, as one could imagine, I’ve run into roadblocks I haven’t run into in the past.

Depending on my mindset these challenges can often lead to extreme frustration.  It’s not out of the realm of possibility that I get so frustrated I have to set the piece aside for a little while and go do something completely unrelated.  Today I thought of how relaxed I was on the beach in Byron Bay and then went to work on the challenge.  I took a deep breath, took time to be thankful for the opportunity to learn something new, and then attempted solutions I’ve never used in the past.  Everything worked out even better than expected!

This evening we hung out with our friends Adam and Kelsey.  Isn’t it great to have friends who keep you laughing loudly?  I can’t even being to count how many times I laughed loud and hard at a comment or joke.  My core is a little tired from the laughs.  Thanks for a great night, it was awesome!


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