Day 1,179 – Thankful for Family Nerd Time

The family that nerds together stays together, right?

Spoiler alert: this blog contains no spoilers. As I’d love to share some of my favorite moments from the movie I’ll hold back. Except for one thing… some stormtroopers die. 😉

For reals, I’ve had this date penciled in my calendar for about a month. Not because of the movie, but because it is a family event. All of us are Star Wars nerds (you know we have a dog named Skywalker, right?) and this is an opportunity for us to hang out together doing something that stretches generations.

While I might not clearly remember watching A New Hope or Empire Strikes back I sure as heck remember my Star Wars wallpaper from when I was three and going to watch Return of the Jedi in a theater with my Aunt Diane. I even remember the collector glasses from McDonalds that I probably should’ve taken better care of after Return of the Jedi.

To share this moment with the entire family was pretty awesome. I’m thankful for moments like this when we can all come together and bond in our shared nerd-ness. 😁


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