Day 1,181 – Thankful for Firing Up an Old Album (3EB) and Many Other Things

What was an album that was one of your favorites 20+ years ago?  Yes, I know, I just totally opened myself up to ‘old’ jokes.  You know what I mean though, which album do you have buried in a box in your basement that would be great to listen to from start to finish again?


After hanging out with the Lyons family I had an album that I couldn’t help but bust out an album I bought over two decades ago.  Way back in the day I remember listening to that album from tracks 1 through 14 on repeat.  Today I followed suit and did the same thing.  I’m pretty sure I heard each song at least four times today while working in my shop, driving, and around the house.  The start of each song brought on the thought “why yeah…  I forgot about this one!”  Before I knew it I was occasionally singing along.  How awesome to have an album act as a time machine to remind me of so many moments from when I was 20 years younger.

Throughout the day there were various other things for which I am supremely grateful.  I know, usually I share everything, but in these cases it’s more appropriate to keep them to myself.  The short answer is that today was again proof that I’m closing the gap and have a wonderful partner in Becky who shares many of the same values I live.  Having the opportunity to be the truest version of me with someone who inspires me and has those common values is an incredible combination.  Days like to today remind me that I have so much to be thankful for in my life every minute of each and every day.


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