Day 1,182 – Thankful for Enjoying Some Fresh Air In Wintertime

Which season is your favorite? What tricks do you utilize to help you appreciate that season?

The morning started off with an early morning run. There were still a couple of hours prior to the arrival of the sun. The moon was hanging high in the sky and was lit enough to see the more than just the bright sliver. It was quiet and peaceful. The fresh air in my lungs felt wonderful.

Later in the day I went back outside. The temperature was unseasonably warm yet the cool air going in my lungs felt great. The little bit of sun peaking through the clouds seemed to warm the day even more. Taking some time to stand outside and breathe was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Time outdoors is always amongst my favorite. Experiencing fresh air and natural light always feels better than staying inside. While in Australia it was easy to enjoy the time outside even more as it was summer and hot. I often struggle in the winter as I’m not a fan of the cold and snow. Today reminded me of why I need to remember to go outside more during the colder months of the year. Those two doses of outside time were fantastic!


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