Day 1,183 – Thankful for the Sounds of Winter

When you go outside in the winter what sounds really stick out to you? Today the sound that really struck me was a woodpecker hammering away on a tree.

Winter is a magical time in the woods. With no leaves on the trees and the snow to soak up ambient noise it seems so much easier to hear different noises. Certain sounds seem so much more clear in the winter than at any other time in the wilderness.

This morning Becky and I went for a run and the only sounds were the crunching of our footfalls in the snow. This afternoon we went for a nice walk on the trails behind the cow pasture. As we walked I paused a couple of times to hear a wonderful sound. There were a couple of woodpeckers doing a number on a couple of trees. The sounds of their repeated pecking rang so clearly. I couldn’t help but smile and enjoy the acoustic show they were putting on for us.

So much to be thankful for today, but those sounds in winter really stuck out today. Maybe it has to do with reminding myself to look at the bright side and find positives to things that normally bother or frustrate me. Winter is not my favorite season and I’m still working on finding ways I can enjoy it more.


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