Day 1,184 – Thankful for Appreciating National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation a Little More Each Year

If you could only watch one Christmas movie each year which one would it be?

Our Australian adventure really condensed our Christmas season so we didn’t really watch many of our normal Christmas movies. To wrap up this season we decided to watch one of our favorites, Christmas Vacation.

After watching this almost every year for well over a couple of decades it seems like I have all the lines memorized. As we watch it Becky and I are dropping lines back and forth. The funny thing is that after all these viewings I’m learning to appreciate it more every single year.

Sometimes it’s in noticing some of the finer details that I’ve missed somehow. This year those have included the clip of It’s a Wonderful Life about angles getting their wings when a bell rings only to be directly followed by the doorbell ringing repeatedly as the parents show up. Another one that made me chuckle was the mountain scene in the intro as they go to get their Christmas tree… typical Illinois countryside… 😉

The other way I appreciate it a little more each year is in seeing myself and others in the one liners and jones. Funny how as there’s more life experience to draw from there are so connections and relations to real life. As Becky pointed out, it’s also becoming easier to understand and relate to the older parents in addition to just Sparky and Ellen.

I can’t wait to see what I learn and appreciate from it next year. Merry Christmas everyone!!!


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