Day 1,185 – Thankful for Friends Who Feed My Habit (Books & Podcasts)

Which books have you read that we’re recommended by a friend? Wasn’t it fun going back to talk with them afterwards?

On my drive today I paused the book I’m currently reading. I finally gave in and have been reading The Fellowship of the Ring. Yes, I’m one of the few remaining people above the age of thirty who haven’t read it yet. 😉

This morning I was in the mood for something more bite sized so I opted for podcasts. It seems like a few of my favs have been piling up recently and it seemed like a good time to catch up. Before I hit play I remembered that there was one in particular that I hadn’t listened to yet.

Three weeks ago I got a text from my buddy Jeremy asking, “Have you read Adam Grant?” It was followed by a link to Adam’s podcast and another podcast he was interviewed on. I downloaded them immediately but then life grabbed hold and they were set on the back burner. Today I fired the interview of Adam up and it was AWESOME!!! So many cool thoughts and ideas while listening. It even led to a cool and interesting conversation with Becky. All in all it was about the best way I could spend a couple hours of windshield driving. It motivated me to re-read Grant’s last two books.

That’s when I started thinking about how grateful I am to have friends who help to feed my reading and listening habits. Over the past few years I can always count on them for excellent recommendations. They each fill a certain niche which is even cooler.

Jeremy is always good for thought provoking podcasts and books that are right up my alley. From Adam Grant to Malcolm Gladwell we’ve shared several interesting conversations.

Todd’s always got a podcast or two to bounce my way. Just when I think I know him fairly well he throws me a curveball and suggests something I never would’ve expected.

Brian pushed me for the longest time to read this great book that he knew I would love. It took a couple of years and much prodding, but I finally read Ready Player One and loved it. He’d also suggested The Hinger Games long before there was a movie attached. If memory serves he may have also been the one to turn me on to World War Z. Then again he is the sick individual who conned me into reading Out of the Dark by David Weber so I do need to vet out his recommendations just a little better. 😉

Steve has always helped filled my brain with excellent climbing and outdoors stories. Speaking of which, I still have a couple to return to him! All of the books I’ve read about climbing Everest have come directly from his recommendations. Walden has been a struggle, but I’ve found renewed drive to reread it.

Knowing I have these friends (& several others) I know I’ll most likely never run out of fuel for my habit. How awesome is that?

To everyone who’s suggested a book to me over the past year – thank you!!! I haven’t gotten through all of them, but I will eventually. Thank you for caring about me enough to think of me when you read it!


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